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I don´t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it

Master post - After the storm

Title: After the storm
Pairing/Characters: Luke/Reid, OC
Word count:
19 000
Rating: R
Warnings: AU, Zombies, minor character deaths, ridiculousness, my obvious lack in knowledge when it comes to geographical descriptions of anything in the US
Summary: An accident whilst on a business trip to Seattle lands Luke in hospital and into a coma. When he wakes up four weeks later he realizes that the world as he knows it has drastically changed and he has no idea what´s left of his family back in Oakdale. After nearly gotten eaten by something that should only exist in horror movies he meets Doctors Reid Oliver and Joanne Mills, neurosurgeons on their way to Chicago where they’ve heard the military has set up a base camp with an advanced lab to create a vaccine. Grateful that they´re on the way to a city close to his home Luke joins them.

A/N: Written for the 2012 lurebigbang . Thanks to
traciamc and bhumimak for making this happen, I know it´s a lot of work for you guys, and you don´t get nearly enough credit.

While writing this I´ve been thinking a lot about my sister, not because she was particularly fond of zombies but because the first story I ever wrote was about her. It was called `My sister is a witch´ and was actually a great compliment since I thought being a witch was the coolest thing ever when I was nine. Obviously she didn´t see it that way and teased me mercilessly. I can only imagine how amusing she would have thought it was to know that 21 years later I haven´t gotten any further in my writing than to zombies.

And last but not least: bhumimak who not only made the incredible art, which btw is the best thing ever, but also had the ungrateful job as my beta and had to do a lot of last minute editing, because apparently I´m unable to finish things in decent time. Bhumi –  I love you and you are the best thing ever and there´s no way I´ll ever be able to thank you enough. <3 Let´s never do this again. :)

Chapter one, chapter two, chapter three, chapter four, AO3

After the storm - part one
Chapter oneCollapse )

After the storm - part two

Chapter twoCollapse )

After the storm - part three

Chapter threeCollapse )

After the storm - part four


Chapter fourCollapse )

Master post - Ain´t no sense in love
Title: Ain´t no sense in love
Pairing/Characters: Luke/Reid, Katie, Casey, Lily, Holden
Word count: ∼18000
Rating: R
Warnings: language, brief Reid/OMC, sorta brief Luke/OMC, generall OOC-ness
Summary: Reid and Luke are 18 years old and best friends, though their families and friends seem to think that there is more to them than meets the eye, which in no way helps matters when Luke and Reid can't see each other as more than just that. So, to dispel this myth, Luke comes up with a plan. Since they know each other so well, they each will find the other the PERFECT boyfriend of their choice! Sounds simple, right?! Nothing is simple in the quest for love as they both begin to realize that what they'd been looking for had been right in front of them the whole time.
A/N: Written for  lurebigbang. Thanks to traciamc for making this happen! You´ve done an awesome job. Thanks to my beta ganeshalemming for never complaining about my total inability to keep the same tense for more than 500 words in a row and for generally making this so much better. Thanks to casaluna85 for the lovely art, I can´t tell you enough how much I like it! And thanks to bhumimak for providing the prompt and convincing (forcing) me to try and write again. Bhumi - this is for you because without LuRe I wouldn´t have met you and I´m so grateful I have you in my life. <3 I hope this is what you wanted.

   Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  PDF

Ain´t no sense in love - part 1
Ain´t no sense in love - part 1Collapse )

Ain´t no sense in love - part 2
Ain´t no sense in love - part 2Collapse )

Ain´t no sense in love - part 3
Ain´t no sense in love - part IIICollapse )


When They Met
Title: When They Met
Written By: vallie82 and bhumimak
Category: Noah Who?
Rating: PG-13
Author's Notes: This was our first attempt to write together and we hope that you enjoy it because we had a lot of fun writing it.  It is an AU so believe that everything has happened, including Noah’s blindness, except the arrival of Reid. 

Originally posted here.

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